10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Brighton

More and more people are making the move down to the seaside to enjoy Brighton and Hove’s rich culture. But what exactly is drawing them? There are a million reasons why you would love living here, but we’re going to give you just a few!

1. The Beach

Brighton and Hove has a stunning 6-mile stretch of beach that treats you to gorgeous sunrises and sunsets every day. Whether you want a morning jog, an evening picnic, or just a day lying in the sun (according to the Met Office, we are the UK’s sunniest county), living by the seaside never gets old. It really does feel like you’re always on holiday!

2. Entrepreneurial Spirit

Despite the holiday vibes, this city isn’t work shy. We have been named ‘the best UK city to start a small business’ multiple times, and there is an ever-growing number of start-ups here. These companies receive a huge amount of support from the local business community, and through the many networking groups, conferences, and of course the new BNJC co-working space, you will never feel alone in your endeavours.

3. Restaurants

We have a particularly vibrant food scene – did you know that Brighton has more restaurants per resident than anywhere else in the UK outside London? From pub grub to fine dining (including gourmet vegan fare), you will be spoiled for choice. We also have as many coffee shops as Manchester despite having half the population! You could eat at a different restaurant every night for well over a year without running out of options – just make sure you include our delicious new kosher restaurant on that list!

4. Commute to London

You can get to Victoria in under an hour via Brighton train station and to Gatwick in less than 25 minutes. Plenty of Brightonians work in London and commute there every day – in fact, it’s a running gag that it takes less time to get from Brighton to London than to get from one side of London to the other.

5. Health and Wellbeing

Brighton is the original wellbeing destination. Its popularity as a tourist spot all began with an 18th century physician, Dr. Russell, who published a paper about the positive effects of seawater on overall health. He was right – we now know that just breathing in sea air improves respiration and naturally increases serotonin. 270 years later, people are still flocking here to enjoy these benefits. If you go to the Royal Albion Hotel, you can even see Dr. Russell’s plaque.

6. Arts and Culture

We have an amazing creative scene here, no matter what your preferred medium. A theatre, a stunning concert venue, fine art galleries, and even a Banksy on the wall outside the Prince Albert Pub. There are also over 60 annual cultural festivals, ranging from the Fringe Festival to the Charleston Literary Festival to the Brighton Science Festival.


7. Diversity and Inclusion

There is an extremely diverse, open, and accepting community in Brighton and Hove. We are the unofficial LGBTQ+ capital of the UK, with not just one but two Pride celebrations each year. We also have a wide variety of networks championing women, POC, disabled people, neurodiverse people, and other marginalised groups.

8. Greenery

We are within walking distance of a national park, the South Downs, which offers incredible routes for cycling or hiking, and scenic views the entire way. If you want to stay a little closer to home, there are also a large number of parks, absolutely perfect for a picnic or for walking the dog.

9. Growing Jewish Community

Brighton and Hove established a Jewish community in the 1700s which has remained until this day. The old Middle Street Synagogue is described as Brighton’s second most important historic building (after the Royal Pavilion) and is now Grade II listed. There are at least 5000 Jews living here, and we hope to help this number continue to grow by offering our community the facilities to support Jewish life, including outstanding kosher food and culturally Jewish events and classes.

10. Happiness

In a national survey, Brighton came out on top as the Happiest City in the UK. Over a third of those surveyed chose the word ‘Happy’ as the best descriptor of their life here, and that certainly seems to be the case. Between the panoply of interesting activities always available, and the simple pleasure of a stroll by the sea, a life in Brighton is definitely a happy one.