I can say it has been a hell of a 2 weeks and one I don’t want to repeat. The last 7 days in hospital have been the worse.

I am delighted to let you know that today I was told I can go home . The ordeal is now over . I will need to take it easy for the next week , to build my strength up . However , compared to last 2 week that will be easy .

I would like to thank all the amazing NHS staff who have done an amazing job . 24h care and got me better to be able to be home with my beautiful wife and children.

My only word of wisdom is as we know this is going to get worse . More people are going to get it and you need to be on it . I was lucky because I had an alert wife who wasn’t taking no for an answer . As my illness deteriorated last week , and Sarah called 111, she was asked questions by the call handlers . However , because she said my breathing was fine , they said there was nothing they could do . Though Sarah could see there was an issue . She then called 999 and got the same response.

It was only when our friend Debs Taub suggested she get my Oxygen saturation’s checked . Sarah posted on a neighbourhood app (normally used to discuss burglaries in the area ), asking if anyone had one of those devices she could borrow (that you put on your finger and measures your oxygen ). A kind stranger came forward, and had one . She even offered to drop it to our house. (Luckily she was also a nurse )

Once we got it the nurse told Sarah how to use it over this phone and we took my measurements . I was way below where’s I should have been and when Sarah called 999 and told them my stats , they sent an Ambulance straight away .

So the reason I am writing this , is to make sure you monitor love ones . Even if they say they are fine . Be 100% sure . I didn’t want Sarah to call an ambulance . But I guess I didn’t know how poorly I was, and not all symptoms are obvious.

This is a brutal virus . I saw with my own eyes two people pass away in beds opposite me on the same day . (They were much older ).

But if you listen to the rules you can get through this .

Stay safe all