We had a Matza Brei contest. Yesterday Rachel did a good job, today Miki took my mother in law's recipe. Ratio of matzah to egg way off, probably by a factor of four too much matzah. Tasted bad and then the concrete stomach syndrome kicked in. Difficult times. Bubbelas tomorrow I'm hoping although probably too many eggs already. Cinnamon balls a little small and a little dry but acceptable. I have to say, having cast all these aspersions on the integrity of our cooking, we did great with the hard boiled eggs on both Seder nights, although my first attempt were soft boiled, I have to acknowledge. Miki's chocolate mousse rivalled my mother's. That is high praise. The most important thing is that we bought a brilliant hot plate so the chicken and brisket second day Seder and Shabbat were perfect. We are now out of cinnamon which is a low blow. Anyone have any good recipes to share, no matzah and no eggs? we need variety desperately