For the past few weeks, we have been holding our regular Shabbat morning service for the wonderful residents of Hyman Fine on Skype. We're not going to let this nasty virus get in the way of bringing us together to celebrate. Mind you, since the 'lockdown', every day feels a little bit like Shabbat!

I have the privilege of leading the service, which I've been doing now for nearly a year. in fact, it was about 12 months ago that the late, much missed, David Pincus put out a 'message of hope' to the community to find more leaders for this mitzvah. I answered the call, as we had moved shuls to Masorti (St Albans....yes, very local), and I wanted to keep my hand in something local and Jewish.

As an experienced lay leader with the Brighton & Hove Reform Synagogue (where I cut my teeth), this was an ideal opportunity. And only a few months later, dear David and Rabbi Wallach (two stalwarts of the service) passed away. Our 'regular' service consists of a mixture of Orthodox (in which I was brought up), Reform (where I belonged for over 20 years) and Masorti. As a 'mosaic' it works really well, including contributions from our regulars, Alan, Sidney, Frank, Allard, and most recently, Meff.

Our 'virtual' service is connected by one of the amazing carers, and off we go. They see and hear me on a big screen in the lounge; and I look at them on my laptop. Prayers are offered, songs are sung with gusto, and I have a captured audience for my drasha! It takes about an hour, and we always finish with a well-earned kiddish. I'm looking forward to going back in to the Home, but this is working just fine for the moment.