Jews Who Deliver: A Delicious Virtual Tour of Brighton Jewish Food Providers


Sussex Jewish News
4 August 2021

Jews Who Deliver: A Delicious Virtual Tour of Brighton Jewish Food Providers

This article by Vicky Bhogal was originally published in the July 2021 issue Sussex Jewish News magazine. Subscribe to Sussex Jewish News, the Jewish cross-communal publication for the South Coast.
Exploring the quality and dedication of our local food providers to the wonderful cornucopia of Jewish foods they offer to our Brighton and Hove community is very humbling. We are fortunate to have a full range of delicious options from Israeli, through Sephardi and Mizrahi to classic Ashkenazi, just a phone call or email away.

Lesley Shaw runs the only local supervised kosher catering service, Orchid Catering. She has full Kosher Certification. This service is sadly temporarily closed due to the kitchens being unavailable. However, thanks go to Lesley and to Angela Samuels for generously helping to cater for the fundraising events and café at Middle Street Synagogue. All other local catering is under the Jewish-style or Kosher- style banner, but not supervised.
Viva Vinyl
Viva Vinyl's Salt Beef Sandwiches. Available to order from Julie on 07786332975.
Viva Vinyl
Julie Rosehill runs pop-up themed restaurant evenings together with talented French chef, Jules, at Viva Vinyl, the half café/half restaurant in Hove. The pop-up events include traditional Friday Night Dinners and fortnightly themed evenings with cuisine from around the world. On Fridays, Julie also serves salt beef sandwiches. All food is freshly cooked to pre-order by the previous Tuesday. To make an order, call Julie on 07786 332975 or email julierosehill@hotmail.co.uk.

Daniel Weisze’s Pop Up Events
Dani Weisze, a talented Israeli chef and baker recently started a monthly Sunday pop-up event with Paul Margo at EBM in Peacehaven. Guests enjoy a sit-down two or three-course delicious meal (non-kosher) which includes unlimited fresh starters and schnitzels. Plans for a supervised kosher event at Ralli Hall are in the pipeline and he also caters private events and in clients’ own homes and all dietary requirements. Contact Daniel on 07592 807682 to find out more.
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The ultimate chocolate Babka by Boul. Contact Tara to make an order.
Tara Dargavel of Boul is the daughter of an Israeli mother and delivers simple, delicious and nutritious food with an Israeli twist, salads being at its core. She also works with clients to design bespoke menus of fresh, modern sharing food for events. Her signature treat is Shabbat babka ‘made with love.’ All her salads are vegan and mostly gluten-free and she caters for all dietary requests. To find out more, email Tara at boulkitchen@gmail.com or find her on Facebook or Instagram @boul_kitchen.

Catering Connections
Angela Samuels, an unsupervised kosher caterer runs Catering Connections and prides herself on providing traditional Jewish food, “the kind people love and want”. She caters either meaty or milky functions and also provides strictly supervised kosher which she purchases sealed. Find out more by contacting Angela on 07712 672758 or 01273 562464.

Sarah’s Catering and Jewish Deli
Sarah Winstone caters for Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue and provides a full unlicensed kosher Jewish deli delivery service. She learned Jewish cooking from watching her grandmother cook and uses her great-grandmother’s 120-year-old recipe for her famous cheesecake. All diets catered for including, non-gluten and vegan options. Free delivery in Brighton and Hove.
Contact Sarah to find out more on 07841 488620.
Ram's delicious Jachnun with the traditional sides and dips. Make an order on 07896 126962.
Brighton Jachnun
Ram Samocha, Israeli artist and stay-at-home dad offers local deliveries of Jachnun, the ultimate Israeli Yemenite Shabbat breakfast on Saturday mornings. A serving includes Jachnun rolls, baked eggs, fresh grated tomato dip, and spicy pepper Schug. Also, Muhallebi, a milk pudding with rose blossom syrup, coconut, and nuts. Vegan option. Contact Ram to make an order on 07896 126962.

Gio’s Challah
Gio Guillen-Arcay, an Israeli born award-winning pastry chef, bakes a range of delicious Jewish cakes and desserts, as well as challah. His extensive range includes traditional baked cheesecakes, honey cake, apple cake, gluten-friendly and vegan cheesecake and cakes, individually or for special events. He is currently working on perfecting his gluten-friendly challah. Gio’s Challah can be pre-ordered on 01273 977158, and picked up on Fridays from 3rd Avenue Café, Hove.

Mamoosh Bakery
Mamoosh Bakery in Newhaven is run by Israeli Einat Chalmers and is the place to head for extra special homemade Israeli pitta bread and Middle Eastern dips and salads. Everything is freshly made, free of additives and preservatives and either vegetarian or vegan. They offer a delivery service throughout the week; Pitta on Tuesdays to Saturdays, Deli products on Friday and Saturday, and Challah on Fridays. Contact Mamoosh Bakery or 01273 071627 or by emailing Orders@mamoosh-bakery.co.uk.
While all food sold or catered at BNJC will be under Kosher supervision, readers are advised to check on the supervision of other food, if required. We are currently working on a comprehensive list of kosher food retailers in Brighton and Hove.