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Construction update

29 July 2020

Laying the foundations for energy efficiencies

On site throughout July the project team have been busy installing nine isoenergy boreholes that will enable the extraction of heat from the ground. These boreholes are 165m in depth, that’s 18 London buses parked end-to-end!

The ground source heat pumps are integral to our state-of-the-art heating and cooling system which will provide under-floor heating in winter and distribute cool air in the summer months.

The heat pump works by circulating a non-toxic glycol/water mix through the drilled vertical boreholes, which absorb latent ‘heat’ within the aquifer system. This heat then circulates through a closed loop of pipework and boils a refrigerant liquid. The refrigerant, now a gas, is then mechanically compressed and condensed back into a very hot liquid, which is then used to heat the building.

On the cooling side, the reverse cycle of events takes place to push heat back into the ground and as a by-product cools the building.

This energy efficient system will provide approximately 105,000kWh of renewable energy and provide a carbon saving of 16,800kg/CO2, nearly 65% when compared against mains gas as the alternative fossil fuel.