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Construction update

11 April 2021

Meet the Osborne Construction Team

Meet the construction team behind our Jewish community development. Following a tender process, Osborne was appointed as our building contractor to deliver the project in 2018. After two years of planning the construction works commenced in mid January 2019, and look how far we’ve come far since then! We recently interviewed the Osborne team to find out more about their experiences working on the construction of our site so far.
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An aerial CGI of our BNJC development, opening in 2022.
Tell us who’s on the team working on our site.
Our core team includes Mark Duignan (Lead Design Manager), Allen Greenslade (Senior Site Manager), Andy Weeks (Site Manager), Nick Ayton (Assistant Site Manager). As construction of the site continues to develop throughout 2021, we are also pleased to announce the addition of three new colleagues to the team. We welcome Jim McCormick (Project Manager), Simon Bennett (Senior Quantity Surveyer) and Phil Jones (Senior Quantity Surveyer).

How long have you been working on the BNJC project and what have you built so far?
The team have been on site for over a year. So far we have completed the ground source heat pump, below ground drainage, Mikvah, basement car park, plant rooms and the North Block townhouse reinforced concrete frame. We are currently working on the East Block and West Block structures.

How has Covid impacted your work?
The construction industry has worked closely with the Government to develop a set of standards to enable us to keep working safely throughout the pandemic. These guidelines have been updated as we have learnt more about the spread of Covid-19. We regularly review these and apply them to the project procedures. We have recently introduced lateral flow testing in line with the latest Government guidance, for example. Keeping our people and our supply chain safe is our top priority. As a result of the current situation, our operatives are working in bubbles. This allows them to access the welfare areas (such as toilets, kitchen and the PPE store) at separate times and avoid congestion. Anyone entering the welfare areas must wear a mask and the management teams wear masks when sitting at our desks. We have a strict cleaning regime in place.

Which aspect of the site are you most excited about?
The team are looking forward to building every element of this development. As this is a unique project, every characteristic of the build has a different challenge. When it is finished, we will hand it over to BNJC and the wider Jewish community will have a high-quality finished development that everyone will be very proud of.
"The most challenging part so far has to be the Mikvah and learning of its importance to the Jewish community."
What has been the most challenging element?
The most challenging part so far has to be the Mikvah and learning of its importance to the Jewish community. The main obstacle with building the Mikvah was aligning construction methods with religious practice, which specifies that the first drop of concrete must touch virgin ground. This was a new experience for both Osborne and Modebest (our reinforced concrete subcontractor) site teams and everyone involved took great personal pride in undertaking and succeeding in this task. Developing the design details with the Rabbis’ help and the structural engineer’s knowledge is something the team have relished. (Read more about the construction of our new Mikvah).

Any interesting finds so far?
Upon removing the floor slab during the demolition phase, the team discovered a box of old photographs beneath the old synagogue. We have shared these with Brighton & Hove Hebrew Congregation (BHHC) for safekeeping. (Check out Project Manager Bob’s interview to read more about the photos).

What's coming up next in the project?
Over the course of the coming weeks, we are planning on carrying out concrete pours to the East Block, the 1st and 2nd-floor slabs, the remaining podium slab, sprinkler tank, car park ramp, and we’re also preparing the work for the West Block’s 1st floor slab.