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Bnjc Time Capsule


27 August 2020

Time capsule

Your chance to be a part of Brighton’s Jewish History

In 18 months, we hope to open the doors to BNJC, Brighton and Hove's new Jewish community space. In anticipation of this exciting moment we will be burying a time capsule at the BNJC site this autumn. Inside the time capsule we hope to reflect on what it means to be Jewish in Brighton today and celebrate this pivotal moment of revitalising the Jewish landscape in Brighton and Hove for future generations.

This is where you come in... We’d love you to contribute your personal stories to the time capsule to help us reflect our wonderful and diverse community here in Brighton & Hove. Your contribution could include a description of your typical family Friday-night dinner, your experiences with a local synagogue, scouring Waitrose for Matzah on Passover, your relationship to Israel, or even just smoked salmon bagels from Bagelman. Whatever your thoughts, we’d love to hear them!

To get involved please fill in our online form by 20 September with answers to the following questions:

How would you best describe being Jewish in Brighton & Hove in 2020?

What do you hope the Brighton & Hove Jewish community will look like in 25 years time?

In 2045 we will dig up the time capsule and the Brighton & Hove community will be able to look at our replies and have an insight on what being Jewish was like in the extraordinary year of 2020 and reflect on the hopes we had for the future.

If you would prefer to send us a handwritten note, images or memorabilia to include, please email with any details and we’ll do our best to make sure it’s included.