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Talk (Online)

Food For Thought
This event has happened.
Tuesday, 19 October
8pm - 9pm
This event will happen online.

Food For Thought

It’s no exaggeration to say that food is central to Jewish culture. We mark big life-cycle events with elaborate meals and whole festivals are centered around dietary requirements. From cheesecake to matzo ball soup, Judaism celebrates it all.

In this one hour lecture with the Director of Teva Ivri (Jewish Nature) , Einat Kramer, we will embark on a fascinating journey following food in the Torah. From Adam and Eve, who ate from the tree of knowledge of "good and evil" to the Kosher food laws the Jewish people received in the desert, we will attempt to understand the core relationship between Jewish people and the food we eat.

Following her lecture, Einat will open up the conversation to your questions to allow for a relaxed discussion on the topic of Jewish food tradition.
About our Speaker:
Einat Kramer founded Teva Ivri (Jewish Nature) , a non-profit organization promoting Jewish social-environmental action in Israel, as well as The Israeli Shmita Initiative, which aims to bring people together around projects related to Shmita values. Einat is also a PhD student, researching the unique worldview of Jewish stewardship. She lives in Mazkeret Batya, Israel, with her husband and four children.
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