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Kosher Deli & Bakery

No more schlepping up to London for your kosher supplies!

Kosher deli & shop

Our deli and shop sells a variety of fresh kosher meat and poultry, home-made meals to-go and delicious Jewish staples. We are licensed by the United Synagogue (KLBD).


Freshly baked bread & pastries

Our parve bakery is open daily, selling fresh bagels and challahs, cakes and pastries, available to purchase from our restaurant bar.

We are passionate about using only the finest quality ingredients (natural and organic, wherever possible) to hand-make all our savoury and sweet bakery and patisserie goods.

Opening hours


Wednesday, Thursday & Sundays: 9am to 9pm

Mondays & Tuesdays: 9am – 3pm

Saturdays: 6:30pm – 9pm

Interested in catering for an event?

Contact our team to discuss placing an order.