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Construction update

9 June 2020

Work on site: June 2020

Osbornes have now been on site for the last five months and despite the difficulties of working safely during the Covid-19 pandemic the works are still on programme.

Once the tree protection zones had been fenced off , works commenced with the demolition of 29 / 31 New Church Road and the existing synagogue.

With 29 New Church Road demolished, the planned removal of the existing brick wall between our site and the St. Christopher’s school playground commenced.

When the Covid-19 lockdown was imposed on 23rd March 2020 the site continued to work on and with St. Christopher’s School’s close co-operation, the boundary wall works were reprogrammed to include all the substructure works along this boundary. Previously these were programmed in two stages, the first in the Easter school holidays 2020 and the second stage in the summer school holidays 2020.

The sub-structure works consist of a line of reinforced concrete piles which are basically installed next to each other, in a hit and miss sequence and when they are joined together at the top with a reinforced concrete capping beam, form a retaining wall which supports the adjoining property(s) and allows the excavation of the new basement to be undertaken.

These boundary works are now complete and the school walkway on the boundary has now been protected and handed back to the school , who resumed lessons on 1st June 2020.

There was a short break when the piling rig had to leave site, however it returned in early May 2020 to complete the remaining contiguous piles which will provide the support for the remainder of the basement excavation area. In total approx.. 460 piles have been installed on site. The piling rig left site on Friday 5th June 2020.

At present Osbornes are erecting their permanent site accommodation on the North side of New Church Road and this will provide the base for their site team for the rest of the contract works.

The next activities on site will be the installation of the piles for the ground source heat pumps followed by the excavation works and the commencement of the reinforced concrete frames for all the new accommodation.