How to Enjoy Autumn in Brighton

Brighton is known for its booming tourism during the Summer months – and for good reason. When the days are long and the hot sun beckons you to the sea, there’s definitely no place we’d rather be. But did you know that Autumn is an equally great time to visit?

Visiting Brighton in September and October is the perfect way to enjoy everything the city has to offer, while also avoiding the large crowds and high temperatures of the summertime.

Here are a few of our favourite Autumn spots in Brighton & Hove:

Beach Box Spa
The Beach Box Spa is a sauna on the seafront – a totally unique experience that allows you to enjoy the seaside even on the coldest of days. There are 3 different saunas from which to choose, from the gentle, warm feeling of the Leil Saun which is lined with caramel-scented Aspen (perfect for Autumn!) to the intense heat of the Löyly Sauna, heated by Finnish volcanic rock. Book here from just £12.50 – just be sure to bring flip flops!

The Brighton Centre
This concert venue is wonderful all year round, but we particularly love listening to music there in the chilly Autumn evenings. Their list of events this Autumn has something for everyone, from Morrisey to James Taylor to Pete Tong. You can also enjoy a pre-show meal or drink across the road at Shelter Hall on the seafront – another of our favourite Brighton venues. Check out The Brighton Centre’s list of events.

The Pavilion Gardens
A stroll around these historic gardens is truly picturesque in Autumn, offering an escape from the bustling streets into a stunning kaleidoscope of golden and orange trees. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the variety that fills these well-kept gardens; cherry trees, oaks and birches to name just a few. You can stop for a cup of tea in the Gardens Cafe and take in the views – there are often talented buskers playing around here too.

Tulley’s Farm
Despite not technically being in Brighton, Tulley’s Farm is one of the most popular spots for Brightonian’s to visit during the Autumn months. Why? The pumpkins! Tulley’s plant approximately 600,000 pumpkin seeds a year, and offer a ‘pick your own’ pumpkin experience during September and October. You can go in the daytime, where little ones can interact with Gourdy the Jester and other Autumnal characters, or in the evening where grownups can enjoy live music or get drinks at the Pumpkin Bar. Be sure to book a spot – they fill up quick!

Visit the Aquarium
Did you know that the Sealife Aquarium in Brighton is the oldest functioning aquarium in the world? It’s true – they opened their doors over 150 years ago, back in 1869. It can get a little crowded during the school holidays, making Autumn the perfect time to visit and perhaps feed the turtles or take a ride in the UK’s first indoor glass-bottomed boat. Book your tickets from their website.